The Gypsies

We are a loosely defined collection of artists, friends, sailors, surfers, star-gazers that come together every year to join a migration that has been taking place for the past 8000 years. Coming from all corners of the earth, we ready our boats and nets and slip into the rhythms of the sun, the moon, and the tides; moving with the fish as they slide through different channels and up different streams. We are honored and humbled to participate in this yearly migration of the salmon and are committed to protecting it. As the season comes to a close, we disperse just as quickly as we come together. To pursue other dreams and to share the bounty that the seas have given us.

Christopher Wang, Founder of The Gypsy Fish Company  slide_04

Mr. Wang opted to come to Alaska on a summer break following his freshman year of college rather than work in a factory in upstate New York building computer printers. It was a good decision. This first taste of adventure has lead him to travel the world through work and play as a private chef, sailor, fisherman and surfer. As a chef, he’s committed to finding sustainable sources. The recipes on the site have been tested by him or by trusted customers.