Salmon Hubs and Ordering

New for the fall of 2016, we are focusing on building salmon hubs throughout the Bay Area and expanding out into California.

What are salmon hubs?

Salmon Hubs work like a CSA where different members’ homes function as pick up spots for their neighbors and friends.  This makes it possible for The Gypsy Fish Company to reach an increasingly wider audience while still keeping this connection between neighbors and friends.  Together we can keep building this community.

How does it work?

We have set up a simple form which captures orders for each hub and populates a sheet which is available for both the hub master and Chris to see.  On a predesignated date, or when the hub reaches 100 lbs, Chris will drop off salmon for pick up.

What happens if I’m not in a hub or one isn’t in my area?

As before, Chris will be making individual deliveries once or twice a month but also consider becoming a hub.  It’s an easy way to get some free salmon and a great way to connect with your community.

What do I need to become a hub?

It’s helpful to have either some freezer space or a shaded porch area for folks to pick up from.  If you don’t have extra deep freeze space, Christopher can drop off some coolers with you as well as some dry ice.  It’s also nice to have some connection to your neighbors and friends whom you can shoot an email to and see if they’re interested in some salmon.