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Here’s what other Hub Hosts are saying

*Running a hub has been a great way for me to connect more deeply with my neighbors and friends. The product is amazing and, heck yeah, I want to share it with my friends and neighbors. Chris has got the process dialed and it only takes a few emails and minimal organizing from my end”

*We run our hub every six weeks or so and it’s been a really fast and reliable way to get fish and share.”

“I stay a home a lot with the kids and running a hub has established a chance for me to see my neighbors and friends without having to leave the house.”

“Our hub has been running so smooth and has been really lucrative. I value the fact that they are mostly self-service. The emails go out and, shortly after, the fish arrives weighed out and labeled with dry ice. My participants love the product and convenience of being able to pick it up right off our porch.”

I joined a Gypsy Fish Hub almost 7 years ago. I loved getting affordable, high quality, and sustainable salmon from a friend and neighbor. When my friend who ran the hub decided to move out of state, they asked if I would take over. I wasn't sure at first but am so glad that I did! One guiding philosophy for me as a health supportive chef is that you can change the world one bite at a time and the hub is a great way to continue living this principle. The hub takes very little time to facilitate, I get to meet others in the community who also believe in the power of food, and either keep my freezer filled with high quality salmon or make a little extra cash. Prepandemic my hub members would join me for wine and smoked salmon turning every hub into a mini party during pickup. During the pandemic we did contactless porch pickups. Both work great and I'll probably do a bit of each going forward in the post pandemic world.