Maple Soy Salmon with Wasabi Avocado Cream and Salmon Bacon

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This past weekend I was lucky to be invited to participate in the Bellingham Sea Feast Skill of the Grill.  Even more excitingly, I tied for first place!

Here’s my winning recipe:

Higher Quality Soy Sauce – 1/2 Cup

Real Maple Syrup -1/2 Cup

2 Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon filets

5 Lemons

5 Avocados

1 tube of prepared Wasabi

Tom Douglas’ Salmon Rub with Love

Salt and Pepper to taste



Combine the maple syrup and soy.  Skin the salmon filets and add the flesh to the marinade and allow to marinate for at least one hour and up to overnight.

Preheat the oven to 375F.

Lay the skins on a sheet tray covered with a sheet of parchment paper and salt generously and sprinkle with the Rub with Love.  Now flip the skins over and repeat.

Lay another sheet of parchment paper on top of the salmon skins and a sheet tray on top of that so that the skins are sandwiched.

Place in the oven and bake for 30 – 40 minutes.

When finished let cool on a cooling rack until you are ready to use it.

Prepare the avocado wasabi cream.

Half the avocados and scoop the flesh out into the food processor.  Juice the lemons and do the same.  Now turn on the food processor and puree until smooth.  Add salt and some wasabi and whir it around a little bit more.  You’ll want to figure out your amounts by tasting and re-tasting as the wasabi varies quite a bit in the amount of heat.  Get it to where you are satisfied and then set the avocado cream aside in the fridge.

Set some of the marinade in a small saucepan and reduce until it becomes a thickens to the consistency of a glace.

On to the grill.  Heat the grill and oil it generously to season it.  When it is out you can add the filets.  Cook until you can see the color change about halfway up the filet and then flip gently.  This may take between 2 – 4 minutes.  After flipping, you’ll want to be careful not to overcook the salmon.  Pull before you think it’s done all the way through as it will continue to cook after you pull it.

To plate, you can place the salmon down and surround it with a drizzle of glaze.  Add a dollop of the wasabi avocado cream and break off a chip of salmon bacon to add to the cream.