Published Work

  Last year around this time, I submitted a piece for publication.  It’s an excerpt from a much longer piece of work which follows my time in South Dakota from the initial arrest to my release from prison.  Here’s a taste.  Let me know if you are interested in more.

Transcript from Representative Huffman’s Listening Tour

Hi.  My name is Christopher Wang.  Since 2005, I’ve been a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  I’m also a Bay Area-based chef and have a direct to market business which distributes salmon from Bristol Bay throughout California. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.     So I fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska and … More Transcript from Representative Huffman’s Listening Tour

Bellingham SeaFeast

This past weekend, I got to participate in an event in Bellingham, WA called SeaFeast.  I was the guest of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA) and was a competing chef in the Skill of the Grill.  That’s a lot of words and links.  To put it short, I was in a cooking … More Bellingham SeaFeast

Done! … and next?

Well, I did it.  After a two month intensive training period, I “ran” and completed a 50-mile ultra marathon. “Ran” is in quotes because I spent a fair amount of time walking and probably had more in my tank when I finished than I actually would have liked.  But, I finished and am ready for the … More Done! … and next?

The Starlings

March 6, 2012 After finishing another book, I slip on my canvas shoes and go for a run around our little track.  60 degrees and sunny.  Unseasonably warm for early March.  Through the steady rhythm of my feet and the susurrating air against my ears, I’m transported away from the confines of this oval track … More The Starlings