Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery. Remote and rugged, the pristine nature of its land and waters contribute heavily to the strength of its runs. You can taste this through the delicate mineral sweetness of the meat.

Alaska currently faces the most important environmental fight of its life. As a massive gold and copper deposit has been discovered at the shores of Iliamna Lake. This lake feeds directly into the two major rivers that create that empty into Bristol Bay -the very rivers where salmon have come to spawn for the past 8000 years. The proposed Pebble Mine and its resultant effluent threatens to offset the delicate balance of conditions required for these salmon to come to spawn. We have only to look to the heavily depleted salmons runs of Oregon and California to realize what this disruption of balance can cause. Imagine, there used to be 100 pound salmon running up some of those streams!

Stop Pebble MineWe encourage you to learn more and find ways to take action. Here’s a good starting point: and take action. Salmon is one the last great wild resources that we have.

Here’s a film by my friend and fellow fisherman, Elijah Lawson, about Bristol Bay and why we fish.