What’s New?

Christopher Wang, Posted on : June 22, 2021
What’s New?

First off, I want to offer my most sincere thank you to all the great customers and supporters that The Gypsy Fish Company had through the last year. This past season proved to be an overwhelming success and really affirmed my faith in how rewarding it can be to take a great product and share it with friends and family.  This certainly was the dream that was conceived on the back deck of a fishing boat as my buddy, Jacob, and I wondered at how amazing it felt to be at sea, in Alaska, and eating such wonderful salmon.  For me to be able to share some of this bounty with you and to, literally, bring it to your door has been such a treat.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all after I get back from Alaska!

The Blog – One way with which I wanted to bring the experience closer to you was by starting a blog.  Follow the link  In the blog, I will cover new happenings at The Gypsy Fish Company, thoughts and impressions during the season in Alaska, issues surrounding Bristol Bay and sustainability and there will also be great tried and true recipes.  Your comments are always welcome and will be responded to in a timely manner.

What’s new?  As this season starts ramping up, I wanted to offer the opportunity for friends and family to pre-order salmon at last year’s prices.  Although the price for this coming season’s salmon will not be set until the season is over, it’s safe to say that, given current fuel prices and the way things are trending, prices will go up slightly.  The best guess that I can make is that prices will go up about 50 cents per pound.  To lock in last season’s, price go to the link here and follow the simple instructions. You’ll need a credit card to make this happen.  Your fish will be delivered as soon as it gets to the Bay Area.  This should be in the middle of September.  You can order fish by pressing Just in time for fall BBQ season!