Reading Material On the Leading Edge

Christopher Wang, Posted on : October 28, 2021
Reading Material On the Leading Edge

This year I forgot to bring up my usual stack of New Yorkers to read.  So I made a desperate early season grab around Dillingham to round up some reading material.  We’ve only been fishing about five hours a day for the last four or five days so there’s been plenty of time to read.

My round up included poaching magazines from the laundromat and looking through other peoples’ containers for throwaways.  Luckily, some of our fishing group here in Ugashik was more prepared than I.  However, we’ve been flipping through the same magazines over and over.  Here’s a review:

  1. The Economist – old and from the laundromat – great article on 3-D printing.  It’s going revolutionize manufacturing, art, and production.
  2. The Tristan Betrayal – Robert Ludlum – Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Read it to get to the end and then desperately put it down and desperately tried to forget that I had spent the time to read.
  3. Inc. Magazine – June 2011 – How to Be an Extraordinary Leader (A laundromat find.  Interesting tips on various things and links to interesting websites for both products, software, and business advice)
  4. Fast Company Dec 2010 Twitter TV….  would be interesting if I had a TV.
  5. Time Magazine – from April 11, 2011  It’s an issue about fracking.
  6. Surfer Magazine May 2011 – Charting the Most Undiscovered Wave-Zone on Earth  – Josh brought this, so it’s been on the boat for a couple of weeks now.  How many times have I gone through and looked at the pictures doughy eyed.  Three words:  Barrels, No wetsuit…
  7. Predator Xtreme – America’s #1 Source for Year-Round Hunting and Shooting Information – the ad on the back cover – One Shot, One Kill – Savage Arms…. Nate likes to hunt.
  8. Shooting Times, July 2010  GUNS!
  9. Fur Fish and Game – I know, this magazine could be some sort of Lesbian porn but, no, it is, literally, about Fur Fish and Game – a hunting magazine.
  10. Dr. Zhivago – Pasternak – couldn’t get through it… that style of prose seems almost dated or too floral or affected.  I’ll take Macarthy over that any day.
  11. All the Pretty Horses – Cormac Macarthy – I forgot how much I enjoyed his style of writing and this book.  Spartan but fully circumspect at the same time.  It reads as though it is being observed – double takes noted:  The candleflame and the image of the candleflame caught in the pierglass twisted and righted when he took off his hat and came slowly forward….  I read this book in a few hours and then went to page one and started over again to revel in the imagery a little bit more.  I borrowed this from the Karen II and it looks like they have the whole trilogy.  Cool beans.
  12. The Crossing – Cormac Macarthy.  The whole first part of the story with the wolf in it amazes me every time.  The part where the horse gets stabbed always makes me weep.
  13. Mystic River – Dennis Lehane.  Kind of like the movie; straightforward…

A book that I’ve been coveting but is forever chained to the Cash Flow container is:  The Hippie Ghetto:  The Natural History of a Subculture.

Fishing has been slowish.