Last Daze… a California Swan Song

Christopher Wang, Posted on : June 22, 2021
Last Daze… a California Swan Song

Today I dropped off my van in Mill Valley with my good friend, Louis, ate Dim Sum and then took the ferry from Sausalito to San Francisco.

It’s been little bit of crazy week, a crazy spring for that matter, and the ride on the ferry gave me opportunity for pause and reflection of what I’ll miss during these months in Alaska.

Family and friends.  The austere life of being at sea for extended periods of time leads to the greater appreciation of what we have in our everyday lives – both at sea and at home.  In a way, this is what this business was founded on.  I wanted to share this unique experience with more people.  Be it the tastes, the sights, the sounds, or the palpable feelings.    Being at sea provides a great platform for reflection and the chance to realize what’s most important in life.  I’m grateful for my support network.

Vegetables.  All of the vegetables that we have on the ship are shipped up from the Lower 48.  Quantity and diversity are limited.  Towards the end of the season, we are usually subsisting on cabbage, salmon and rice.  I love it.  But I’m also packing into my luggage a care package of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Sleep.  Like many things, absence makes the heart grow stronger.  I’ve been trying to put some hours into the sleep bank.

Surf.  A few days I got up at 5 am and fit in what would be my last surf for the next couple of months.  It was a beautiful, classic California surfing day in Santa Cruz. A long period south swell was slipping into the bay and the sand bar outside of the river was holding on.   Golden morning light, offshore winds and tight barrels tickling my shoulder as I skirted ahead of the shore pound.  It was early and there were only three of us on the spot; trading waves and knowing smiles.  Such a rare moment of uncrowded bliss and freedom.

There’s so much more joys I can list and I’m often surprised at the amazing beauty that I walk past everyday.  These blossoms brushed my leg as I went to pick up the CSA box.

We live in such a special place and are so lucky to be here.

Tomorrow I fly to Alaska!  Can’t wait to get on with the season!


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