Entertaining Ourselves in the Yard

Christopher Wang, Posted on : October 28, 2021
Entertaining Ourselves in the Yard

June 14, 2010 – Our window for getting yard projects done is closing quickly and I welcome the opportunity to get out of the yard.  Because of the persistence of daylight, we work on projects until nearly midnight most days.  There’s not a lot to do around the boatyard but there are beautiful places to visit outside of the yard.  One of my favorite places is about a 7 mile bike ride away behind the hospital.  It’s where the road ends abruptly and the tundra spreads out ahead of you as far as the eye can see.  Josh suffered through the bike ride here to catch the view with me the other day.

Jonathan and Carson came by with a couple of instruments and I offered to join with the uke.  We couldn’t find a space to sit so I offered to knock on Jacob’s container.  Andrew and Max were napping but were cool about it.  Soon Kiana came by and we set off reeling forward.  At first things made no sense and I was the slowest wheel.  It probably remained that way but they were patient, I kept up and we reeled and lurched forward – laughing and climbing and falling with the chord progressions.  As things became more familiar, nobody would want to let the melody end.  Holding on then slowing down to come to an apparent denouement and but someone would pick it up again and again… and again.  It is the nature of change.  We resist it at first, then become curious about it, learn it, it becomes familiar, we become proficient, and then we don’t want to let it go.  Whatever the case, such joy provides respite from the grease and the soot.  Once we are underway, I will be stuck playing my music solo….

Another favorite pass time here is dancing.  Tyone has hippie-teched together a bumping sound system and, when the occasion presents itself, good times is had. The vision is post apocalyptic:  boats, tools, containers, dying trucks and dirty BEATS.  Like a rhinocerous – sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  Here’s a video of Kai Raymond on the decks in the Cash Flow container.

I’m not going to lie.  There’s a fair amount of consumption going on here.  Beer… substances….  the intensity of the upcoming season leaves us hungry for simple comforts and distractions.  Life is austere out here and we’ve learned to appreciate the simple beauty that nature thrusts at us; to see and make music everywhere.  Here we wander out of our containers and beyond the fence line to howl at the moon.