Screening of Red Gold

Christopher Wang, Posted on : October 28, 2021
Screening of Red Gold

So the Red Gold Road Show stopped in town on Monday with a huge outpouring of support from the Bay Area community.  Almost 300 guest filled Temple Night Club and got a chance to watch the hauntingly beautiful movie Red Gold.  The screening was followed by a Q and A with some representatives from different aspects of the fishery.

Important take home messages were that salmon equals jobs.  Salmon is the backbone of the culture and diet of indigenous communities.  Salmon plays a HUGE ecological role as they drive marine based proteins hundreds of miles inland and then are reintegrated into the ecosystem through their death and decay.  It would be incredibly short sighted to put such an important resource at risk in order to extract metals.

I think it would be unrealistic to think that we could block the mine in perpetuity.  The size of the deposit is too large and too tempting.   I can only hope that with this fight to keep blocking it would force the mining companies to improve their practices and perhaps develop technology that would not disrupt the fine balance of the ecosystem OR our needs move away from needing these kinds of resources.  We’re definitely in quite a predicament as they’re saying it’s worth about 300 billion dollars.

That being said, it’s incredibly important to establish the precedent of blocking it right now.  That one step will make it easier to block the next time it comes up… and the next time…  and the next time…..

Over and over again, I’m reminded that life is lived like a marathon.  It’s important to break it into doable chunks.  Especially when the goal is too far away to be seen with the naked eye.  Everything can be accomplished if we take it one step at a time.

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