Learn what the the EPA Watershed Assessment Reveals

Christopher Wang, Posted on : October 29, 2021
Learn what the the EPA Watershed Assessment Reveals

EPA Releases Final Draft Assessment on the Bristol Bay Watershed

Just last week, the EPA released it’s final draft assessment on how large scale mining would affect Bristol Bay and the communities that rely on it for livelihood and assessment.  Not surprisingly, the results are what most of us expected – a large scale mine would have a deleterious effect on the world’s largest wild salmon run.  The large scale mine that they are targeting is the Pebble copper and gold deposit which is valued at hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars.  This deposit sits at the headwaters of the two major river systems that make up the spawning grounds of the largest wild salmon run in the world valued at 450 million dollars a year and 14,000 jobs annually.

It’s a positive result – just like the results that happened this summer when the 50/50 partner in the mine,Northern Dynasty, pulled out of their stake in the mine; losing a 500 million dollar investment.

But, we as fisherman are guardedly optimistic.  These results point in the right direction BUT as my friend, Tim Sohn’s  Huffington Post article points out, the deposit will still be there until someone removes it – and, sadly, hundreds of billions of dollars makes people kind of short sighted.

Movies about Bristol Bay Shot by a Fellow Fisherman

Here is a great series shot by my buddy, Elijah Lawson, a second generation fisherman from Seattle.  He’s been fishing in Bristol Bay since he was a toddler in a hammock.  It’s a beautiful and elegant series that captures what fishing is and the communities that rely upon it.  It’s always great to see familiar faces in the off-season.  This is where your salmon comes from.

Here’s the link to the short films.  You’ll need this password:  “bristolbay1”

For those of you in the Bay Area

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