For the Love of Dirt

  Last week, I got the opportunity to attend a workshop called For the Love of Dirt which was hosted by the coalition OSC2.     Did you know that the single most effective way to REVERSE climate change is to change our agricultural practices.  Reducing carbons emissions only scratches the surface BUT by using … More For the Love of Dirt

Leonard Lake Reserve

Growing up, my parents required us to be home for each meal.  As we got older and more involved in school activities and sports, their grip loosened up but meals created the foundation of our family.  A place to connect, share and even just sit in each other’s presence.  It’s one of the reasons that … More Leonard Lake Reserve

Coming Back to Land

Over the summer, Pei-ru Ko from Real Food Real Stories reached out to ask me to collaborate with her on a private dinner which would also serve as a curated storytelling event.  To be honest, it wasn’t a great time to ask.  We were in the guts of the Alaskan fishing season.  2 hours of sleep. … More Coming Back to Land

The 51st State

June 5, 2016 Waiting in the airport.   A canceled flight. Waiting in line. Waiting in limbo. A suspended state of being. Neither here nor there. So many people lost in there phones. Searching for new connections. Rerouting. The man working the counter forces a smile as the dispenser spits out a new ticket; dispersing … More The 51st State