Obama in Dillingham

This fall something quite extraordinary happened for some small communities up in Alaska.  President Obama came to town! I was thrilled to see Obama in Dillingham.  My friend, Katherine, had a chance to take a walk with Obama and talk about the commercial salmon industry which she reflects on on her Facebook page. I can’t … More Obama in Dillingham

Salmon Poke

I served this during the Sustainable Seafood Week Gala and it was a huge hit.  It is simple to prepare and is delicious.  The most important thing is to find a quality source of salmon.  Hmmm…  I know where you can get that. Ingredients 1 lb. high quality salmon cut into 1/2 cubes 1/2 c. … More Salmon Poke

Jacob Battisti and The Gypsy Fish Company, Oregon!

I’m excited to announce my partnership with Jacob Battisti and The Gypsy Fish Company, Oregon.  Jacob and I met fishing in Bristol Bay many years ago.  Now Jacob is married to another one of my best friends and has an amazing and wonderful child. The Gypsy Fish Company was hatched in a long winded discussion … More Jacob Battisti and The Gypsy Fish Company, Oregon!

Bernal Cutlery

Bernal Cutlery I’ve been using knives for years – as a fisherman, as a chef and as a woodworker. When I studied to be a shipwright, there was a certain level of pride and ownership that went with keeping your tools clean. Wet grinders, stones, strops… you could shave your arm with my planer blade. … More Bernal Cutlery