the Gypsy-in-Chief


Christopher Wang

I started fishing in Alaska after my freshman year of college. I was studying pre-Med and fishing felt like a diversion as many summer jobs do.  I kept fishing until a graduated but had since switched majors to Chinese history.

Following college, I started ocean voyaging on traditional rigged sailboats and became the cook.  I travelled the world for years and years and when I wasn’t sailing, I was broadening my culinary skills through taking jobs in restaurants serving interesting and unique food.

I was lucky to be invited to become a chef on a private yacht and then to live and travel with my clients as I knew that, for me, creating food meant connection and I increasingly wanted to have direct connection with whom I was cooking for.  This direct connection lead me to seek out local organic ingredients because I cared for the well-being of my clients and the communities that they lived in.

A chance meeting on a beach in Mexico, lead me back to fishing in Alaska and Bristol Bay but, this time, I had an eye on sustainability and secure food systems.  The Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery is the gold standard for a well managed fishery.  This is not hatchery fish or fish farm, this is wild stock fish with genetic diversity that is returning to a pristine and beautiful watershed.

The Gypsy Fish Company was hatched on the back deck of fishing boat as my friend, Jacob, and I started out at the net.

What if we could figure out a way to bring this amazing resource back home to share with our family and friends?  I can.  Now I just have a lot more friends!!!

As a fisherman, a surfer, a sailor and a chef, I’ve been lucky to spend the better part of my life in and around the water.  I started The Gypsy Fish Company as a way to share this bounty of wild salmon with my community and, in turn, act as a steward for this wild and sustainable resource.

I hope that you get a chance to share in the bounty!

2 thoughts on “About


    met up with your mom earlier. A few of us from CAAR went in th FILOLI trip recently and this morning we met in the Redwood Room, Gateway Clubhouse … chit chats lead up to your mom mentioning you and salmon.

    Am really impressed with your adventure.


    Esther Moisson

    1. Hi Esther, Thanks for the well-wishes. I apologize for only seeing this now. My mom is a great advocate isn’t she?

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