Real Food Real Stories Crowdrise!

photo credit: Blair Randall

A little less than two years ago, I gave a talk hosted by Kahn Arts and facilitated by Real Food Real Stories.

The experience transformed both me and my business as my community grew through how people resonated with the stories told of life at sea and adventures on the road.  Strong community bonds grew out of the seeds of these connections.  Collaborations flourished and even a feature in Sunset Magazine grew out of these connections.

Last year, we produced a small video in which I describe the very unique and needed role that RFRS plays.

You can check this video out here.

I’m honoured to be helping out with their annual fundraiser and want to encourage everyone to offer support.  In supporting them, we lending a hand to the small food producers who are the stewards of the lands that we live on.  In supporting them, we are, in fact, supporting ourselves. 

If you are eating The Gypsy Fish Company salmon, there’s a large probability that you found us through Real Food Real Stories.  

Please consider a donation no matter how small to Real Food Real Stories’ Crowdrise Campaign.  If you believe in the importance of safe and healthy food.  If you believe in the power and personal connection that authentic, heartfelt storytelling creates.  Especially in this day and age, we have to stand up together to support the institutions that we believe in.


Many Thanks!!



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