Standing Rock Fundraiser


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Through my experience of being in prison in the Dakotas.  I got to witness first hand the inner-workings of what can only be called Genocide.  Now, four years after my release, I’m being called back to the Dakotas to stand in solidarity with the indigenous people that I was imprisoned with.

I’m asking my community to support their mission of continued resistance.  The DAPL has brought together indigenous peoples and their supporters from around the world.  Will you join us in supporting these efforts?

Read on for different ways to show your support.

Get educated:

Here’s a good place to start.

Here’s the deep dive.

Donate money:

Where will this money go?  

Money coming through here will be used towards purchasing fire wood for the winter camp, winter gear and sub zero sleeping bag donation that we can bring with us.  I’ve been in direct contact with someone in the camp and have been asked to procure certain items before arriving.  Anything beyond that will be donated directly to the camp to be used as they see fit.    In this most difficult time, it is crucial that we stand in solidarity with our most vulnerable populations.

To reward your generosity, I’m sweetening the pot.

For a $97 donation, you’ll get the first 100 pages of my prison memoir (link out).  It details my arrest, my observations as one of the marginalized population and how I found deep compassion and forgiveness through the realization that perpetrators are usually victims.

For a $197 donation, you’ll get the first 100 pages and 20 minutes of audio recording of the book in my own voice.

For a $497 donation, you’ll get to have me come to your house and cook you a multicourse meal (you got to live in California in order for this to happen).  Oh yeah, I used to be a fancy chef  before I became a pirate.

Ready to support us?  Go here.  Give here and I will shop for the list of long underwear, warm socks and winter gear that I was sent from camp.

Don’t want to give to me directly?  Send money here.

I’m also running a clothing drive.

There has been a call for warm winter gear in good repair.  More specifically – long johns, parkas, wool socks and winter pants.  It’s important that things be in good repair and is WARM.  Really warm.  I’ve set up a couple of drop off points and can also pick up gear from folks I’m delivering salmon to next week.

Two of my East Bay salmon hubs have offered to work as drop spots.  I’ll be picking up clothing in Albany and El Cerrito.

I will also be picking up on my delivery route on Wednesday.

Please reach out to me directly to coordinate.

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference.  Every bit of awareness and generosity helps.







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