For the Love of Dirt


photo credit:  Michael Anzalone

Last week, I got the opportunity to attend a workshop called For the Love of Dirt which was hosted by the coalition OSC2.  


Did you know that the single most effective way to REVERSE climate change is to change our agricultural practices.  Reducing carbons emissions only scratches the surface BUT by using our agricultural processes to sequester carbon, we can actually reverse climate change and feed the world.   Yup?  Organic is great in many ways but, in order to sequester carbon, we have to be creating great soil.  

This was an inspirational talk with the CEOs of Nutiva, Annie’s and Dr. Bronner’s who talked about the possibilities of regenerative agriculture, supply chain dynamics and the possibilities of taking this regenerative practice to scale.  

One of my housemates, Tim, also attended the workshop.  Tim has a nut butter  company called The Philosopher’s Stoneground and it has, all along, been his mission to bring this vision to market.  I’m now home, inspired and hopeful  and wanted to offer up a couple of articles.

Here’s one on Carbon Farming that was in Civil Eats.

Here’s one which introduces some of the valuable techniques of regenerative agriculture  Can you apply any of these practices at home?

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