Happy New Year!


Hey Everyone:

When I look back at the past year, I’m deeply moved by the equal exchange of support that comes from providing a product and service that people appreciate.  The Gypsy Fish Company has had many champions and it seems like we really turned a corner this year in being able to reach more people and provide a healthy and sustainably wild salmon source to more people.

One of the more successful models for increasing my reach has been through the creation of Salmon Hubs.  By enlisting local champions and in exchange for free salmon, I’ve been able to increase my reach and to help local community members build community through food.  There are hubs in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Sonoma County, Santa Barbara and LA.  Interested in creating a hub?  Just reach out to me via email or in the comments section below.

I’ve been really enriched by my relationship with the group Real Food Real Stories and have learned the core values of listening and am thankful to them for helping me find my story and an audience to receive it.  There are still many more stories to tell.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

For this post, I’ve been feeling an urge to shed is this curated voice of a business owner trying to drum up business and trade it for voice  the 6-AM-just-finished-meditating-and-now-on-to-writing-voice?  What would it say?

Digging deep into that space, I feel this resounding thrum of gratitude for  this chance to be alive in this time.  To my parents for working so hard to provide education and opportunity and the confines of security and safety from whence to explode out of when I grew wings big enough to fly.  To my teachers and friends who see me as my greater self and open my perception to grow into that space.  To wild salmon and the human and wild ecosystems that support it.   It’s these same ecosystems that support my pursuit of a balanced life where I can continue building community through food, pursue creative projects while shedding artifice and keep doing more things that make me happy and less that don’t.  More time writing, surfing, painting, volunteering, being in my body and less time trying to be things that I’m not or wiling away time idly on the interwebs.

To keep myself tracking in the right direction, I tape note card reminders by my bedroom entry.  I can’t leave my room without seeing them.

Funny to see that I put the doorknob on backwards.

Yup.  I’m going to die.  Sad but true.  So are you.  In that light, time becomes my most valuable resource.   Best to use it wisely and creatively.  I’m lucky to have opportunities that many don’t – freedom, the opportunity and curiosity to explore, a feeling of safety, a business that supports me both financially and emotionally….  This rare alchemy of experience and opportunity;  freedom and curiosity is not to be squandered.

We all have are rare and completely unique amalgamations that make up who we are and what we can become.  I hope that you all find a chance to share yourselves in a way that feels true.




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