Fukushima Update – What you need to know about eating out of the Pacific

The internet web has been afire lately regarding Fukushima and I just wanted to offer some links to credible scientific evidence.  For many years I worked on oceanographic research vessels and have a lot of former colleagues that are still in the field (and still eating Pacific Ocean fish!).Starfish die off:  A friend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) sent me this link.  It speaks to the issue of how some of their research has been misappropriated as evidence of the effects of radiation in the water.

Pacific Endtimes:  Deep Sea News is a group of scientists and science writers whose mission is to demystify the scientific conversation regarding the oceans to instill awe and responsibility for the ocean.  They’re a great resource for what is (and isn’t happening there).  Here’s the latest from them on Fukushima.

Is everything okay?!?  Absolutely not.  We can talk about our need for power and the challenges of using fossil fuel or finding alternatives but that’s a far reaching conversation with much larger implications.  The more immediate concerns are for the people and wildlife that are in close proximity to Fukushima and the invasive species that have latched onto all the debris knocked loose by the tsunami itself which are drifting along to far reaching shores.  Here’s a quick read on What You Should and Shouldn’t Worry About.

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