Creeping into the finish

7/18/ 2011

It looks like the tender service is being pulled on Friday and that would be our last day.  We are scratching pretty hard – struggling to get 2500 pounds a day… but it’s still something and Bruce is determined to get to a certain point before the end of the season.   It’s going to be tough to reach.  The dwindling interest in our sets has brought us to find other ways to amuse ourselves.  Nate has found the gun and is merciless on empty cans.

We were blessed with a beautiful day after having a brutal anchorage the previous night and rough weather.  These days aren’t very fishy but, boy, it’s great to see the mountains… note to self, learn their names…  music and beer on the back deck and a nice nap in the sun.

We are all close to the end but tolerating the finish.

This season has been a strange one in that the fish never really materialized.  We managed to scrape together a season through sheer will and hard work.  It’s been pretty painful but there’s also a feeling of accomplishment when we look back and start hearing what how other people did.  This has been a tough one but there have been real moments of joy.

My compilation of self portraits reflects the growing level of fatigue….

In a few days we will put the boat away and fly home.


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