Back in June, fishing continued….


Today we ran aground in Dago Creek.  Because of the big tidal oscillations, it’s easy to miss the channel into or out of the creek.  Today we did just that and had to sit out the better part of the opener watching the water ebb out and then, finally, flood back in – providing enough water for the boat to float and then navigate through the channel.

After finally making it out of Dago Creek, we managed to get off a couple of sets and then delivered something like 1000 pounds.  We’re now anchored up and spent a lovely evening eating a roasted pork loin with farfalle and cilantro pesto.  Our last bit of salad that I’ve been milking and some last leaves of fresh basil that I brought from California nearly two weeks ago.  A little ukulele and a chance to talk story with Josh and then, later, Nate.  To gild the lilly, Jacob called later and we got a chance to talk about life and how my friends send love from California.  I feel – at peace and loved.  Productive and working.  It feels good.

Josh took some pictures of meals we’ve been eating.

The little diesel stove on which all our meals are made
Fried Rice

Working on Pizzas
Fish Eyed Pizza
Chicken Braised in Riesling
Snack Drawer!
Yeah we eat these too...


Four hour opener  – 8 – 12 am and then a day off.  Still not getting into the thick of them and a little bit frustrating because we went into the day kind of rusty.  Tow line fuck ups and Bruce blowing his top.  Nate and I came to words today from lack of communication and he was getting ready to throw down.  We worked it out later and I felt bad about falling into the trappings of the style of escalating emotions.  Crazy to have to be ready to fight on such a small boat though.  My reminder to him was that we’ve always got to keep things safe.



We’re running dry as we run into Dago Creek.  The smoke curls out of the dog house windows…  This morning it opened at 1000 and boy was it a slow beginning.  Fatigue, listless, and sea sick…

sea sick, listless


Fishing is starting to ramp up.  We had about 8 yesterday and probably something like 12 today?  Still fishing right now.  Played the line show for all of the ebb.  A great education for Josh at grinding away.  Nate had a few temper flare ups where both Josh and I had to tell him to step off.  Most of his anger is directed at Josh for not knowing what to do all the time or for this or that.  Or at Bruce for making him pick too close to the reel.  The real challenge is trying to get him to be helpful when it’s necessary to be helpful.  Even when you are tired.  We are on the same team.  We are on the same team.  We are on the same team.  That should be our mantra.

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