June 16, 2011

Caught a weather window and made the daylong run from Dillingham to Ugashik.  Ugashik is the southernmost fishing district in this part of Bristol Bay.  Looking at the map, you’ll see that it is very exposed to the west compared to the Nushagak and has a series of mountain ranges and volcanoes to the east.  Heavily covered in snow all summer long, it’s a stunning view to the east – weather permitting.  We’ve told the greenhorn to take pictures when he can see the volcanoes because it’s likely to be the only time he can see it.  We’re planning on spending the bulk of the season in Ugashik as the schedule is a little bit less relentless than the Nush and, typically, there are less people fishing down here.  Bruce had a great season down here last year and is looking for a repeat performance.

The Nushagak
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I’m surprised to hear that Bruce is 62 years old.  I look around at other 62 year olds and can’t imagine them surviving the season.  The schedule is relentless, the weather shitty… it’s hard work.  For comparison, sometimes I think about my mom and don’t even want to imagine her visiting.  I’m grateful that she can be insulated from knowing what we deal with out here.

Bruce (and Nate) - at work
Mom (and younger bro, Dennis) - at play

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