Mending Gear: …tying up loose ends…

June 15, 2010.  Things are ramping up for us as we are hoping to catch a weather window and run to Ugashik.  Only small projects left – getting the nets on board, securing all the gear so it’s not banging around during our crossing, getting and stowing all the fresh produce and groceries and making sure that the new kid has everything he needs.  I’m really excited to be able to share this experience with my good friend, Extra Josh, but am bearing the burden of responsibility for his performance as a shipmate as well as his safety. Josh has a winning attitude, so there’s little that worries me.  I just make sure that he makes it home in one piece and with all his fingers and toes.

Buying Gear for Josh (yes, we REALLY do wear Extratufs)
GUMBY! (Josh donning a survival suit)
He's legal!

As often as we can, we go through the net to mend holes and make sure that it’s in the best condition possible a direct correlation exists between the condition of one’s net and it’s ability to strain fish out of the water.

You're only as good as your net

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