Ground Truth Trekking

I was looking for information about the Pebble Mine site as well as a good map to show folks where exactly we fish and came across this amazing website.  GTT is a team of husband and wife who believe that, in order to truly understand the environmental issues surrounding different ecosystems, it’s important to be on the ground level.  They’ve traversed the site of the Pebble Mine and this is what they have to say.  In reading over their site I’m struck by the simplicity of the act and the greater understanding it leads to of our wild places.  So much of this world is connected by airplanes, roads, internet connections, etc… that it’s easy to forget that we can get from place to place by simply walking, biking, or paddling.


All through college and in my early adult life I had a dog.  And I have to credit that dog with really getting me out and about and walking in the woods and about town everyday.  We’d explore old graveyards, routes through gorges, and so many miles through the woods.  Not being one to speak to my dog too much, we’d be like old friends just enjoying the quietude of our tacit understanding – bearing witness to the evening falling under the timid night.  We can see so much more if we can get beyond the four walls that surround us.  Certainly shelter provides comfort and familiarity – a container for the things that give us pleasure, but this comfort can also be confining.  This Ground Truth Trekking site reminds me of the truth of possibility.  For them, the simple act of walking, biking, and paddling ended four thousand miles later.



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